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Onsite service & support 3 year bonus offer

How it works.

Purchase an eligible Large Format Printer, and receive a BONUS 3 year onsite service & support package at no extra charge.

Colourworks will provide you with service and support for 3 years so we are there to help you whenever you need it. 

imagePROGRAF TX 2000 1400x960

What is on-site service & support (OSS)?

An OSS Pack is not a warranty extension. Rather it's a seperate contract that commences from within 30 days from when the device is installed.

Make an impact with large scale printing.


Showcase your technical drawings, proof your designs, and present your work in vivid colour with Canon’s large format printers. Choose from a range of print sizes and capabilities, and let your work shine through with our new models.

Eligible large format products include;


LFP Model


TX-2000 3 years
TX - 2100 3 years
TX-3000 3 years
TX-3100 3 years
TX-4100 3 years
TX-2000 MFP 3 years
TX-2100 MFP 3 years
TX-3000 MFP 3 years
TX-3100 MFP 3 years
TX-4100 MFP 3 years
PRO-4100S 3 years
PRO-6100S 3 years
PRO-6000S 3 years
TM-205MFP 5 years
TM-305MFP 5 years

Offer available until 31st July 2021. Bonus OSS needs to be claimed within 30 days of purchase.

Terms & condition apply